ares clMr. Ric Sauer, KD0RMK has accepted the position of Emergency Coordinator (EC) for Medina County in District 6 of the South Texas Section. Ric was recommended by Mr. Sid Tschirhart, WD5H, current Medina County EC and (District) EC Mr. Ernest Reich W5FQA. District 6 is composed of Bandera, Edwards, Kerr, Kinney, Medina, Real, Uvalde, Val Verde counties.

Ric remarks that “moving to Texas was like starting over again”. It didn’t take long to find a local ham group. He started attending meetings. The people at the MCARC group made him feel welcome. Participating in several events and nets he has become friends with many of the members. “The shared camaraderie has helped make my new residence seem more like home”.

Mr. Sauer is a Senior Program Manager supporting the USAF cybersecurity division at Lackland AFB. He is also concurrently the deputy task lead for Applied Research Solutions supporting the San Antonio Texas team with over 300 employees locally.

He was also dispatched to Camp Shelby during hurricane Katrina. He was only on the ground for 4 days but had the opportunity to see amateur radio operators supporting the effort.

Ric served in the US Navy (Vietnam era Vet) as a Launch Supervisor on the USS James Monroe Poseidon Submarine. He spent most of the first 18 months in school learning electronics, digital fundamentals, and missile flight theory. During this time, he was exposed to what was the state of the art technology and decided to learn more about computers.

“Also, during the 70s I purchased my first CB radio. It was a used Tram D201 tube set. I learned very early in my radio experience that the antenna makes the radio. I installed a StarDuster Antenna on a 3-section push-up pole. I remember being able to talk from one end of Charleston SC to the other with my 4 watts”.

“I learned about amateur radio in high school. I had 4 years of electronics and was president of the radio club in my senior year. I had a few friends that were in amateur radio during my time in the Navy. The code kept getting in the way of my continued interest. In 2012 I had a good friend invite me to a meeting to talk about ham radio. I found out that the code requirement no longer existed. A few weeks later I took my Technician test and passed. It didn’t take long for me to realize the difference between Technician and General Class. A couple of years later I was at a hamfest in St. Louis. I saw the room where they were doing testing. I walked in and took the test. I was the first one done and just assumed I did not pass. I was ready to walk out and was told that I needed to sign some paperwork and that I could start using the new privileges as soon as it appeared in the ULS. Before I left the hamfest, I purchased more coax and an HF antenna”.

Ric has been married for over 35 years and has two sons. He enjoys the outdoors, even in the Texas summer. He is also a cancer survivor, a strong believer in community, team perseverance, and being passionate about life.

This appointment is effective January 17, 2021.

Jeffery A Walter – KE5FGA

From (Hamvention 2021 Cancelation Release)
Unfortunately, several setbacks in the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic make necessary the difficult decision to cancel Hamvention 2021. Hundreds of volunteers have been working to do everything necessary to bring this Hamvention to the many amateur radio enthusiasts and vendors who support the Dayton Hamvention.

Vaccine distribution both in the United States and around the world is lagging behind what was planned. In addition, the emergence of a more communicable form of the COVID-19 virus increases the potential for further public health problems in the next few months. We make this difficult decision for the safety of our guests and vendors.

Those who had their tickets, inside booths, or flea market spaces deferred last year will be deferred again. Those who purchased 2021 tickets, inside booths, or flea market spaces will also be deferred. If you desire a refund instead please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will contact you.

Stay tuned for information about a QSO party for the 2021 Hamvention weekend. We are looking forward to the 2022 Hamvention!!!

Executive Committee, Dayton Hamvention 2021

The countdown to Hamvention 2022 has started

After 41 years, Ham-Com has decided to close its doors in lieu of the restrictions in place for COVID-19 and the rising costs of putting on a show. The decision was not made lightly, but the safety and wellness of our volunteers, vendors, clubs, presenters, and attendees is our paramount concern. 

Read the complete letter from Bill Nelson, President of Ham-Com Inc.

Museum of Radio Techology LogoInterested in Antique Radios? Visit the Museum of Radio and Technology in Huntington, West Virginia near the tri-state corner of West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky.

The collection includes; Cathedral radios, console radios, table-top radios, transistor radios, old radios, antique radios, collectible radios, ham equipment, vintage amateur receivers and transmitters, broadcast collectibles, military communications equipment, test equipment, vintage computers, vintage hi-fi, and an awesome vinyl record collection. There is also a technical library.

Each month in QST's Field Organization Reports column, the Public Service Honor Roll (PSHR) recognizes the efforts of Amateur Radio operators who are active in many aspects of public service. This includes net operations, traffic handling, emergency operations, and public service communication support. There are chances that you're already involved with some aspect of Amateur Radio that would apply to the Public Service Honor Roll (PSHR).

Skywarn LogoHere is an update on the Lou Withrow Austin / South Central Texas SkyWarn Training Session, which is usually held in person in February here in Austin...

First, the obvious, the pandemic and its implications on our training. The good news... yes, we will be doing the training in February but, as you might expect, it will be VIRTUAL (online) in nature.  It will be offered through Go to Webinar ( We will hold the session on Saturday / 06 February 2021 from 9 am to 12 noon. The session, as usual, will incorporate BASIC and ADVANCED SkyWarn training and will be taught by Paul Yura, Warning Coordination Meteorologist, and his colleagues at the National Weather Service / Austin-San Antonio. Completion certificates, for three hours of severe weather recognition and safety training, will be available after the session for folks that
are present for the entire session.

The website with the training details (including an active pre-registration link):

Please go ahead and preregister as soon as possible so we will have an idea of the number of expected attendees.

Finally, as most of you know, this coming February was to be our 30th Annual Lou Withrow Austin / South Central Texas SkyWarn Training Session. Due to the virtual nature of the training in February, we have decided to hold the "30th Annual" designation until training in February 2022 when hopefully we're all able to get together in person again and properly celebrate the event.



KF5ENDI'm KF5END/Ted. I have officially been a HAM since January 2010 when I passed my Technician exam. Over the course of the next year, I passed the General and Extra.

I have always been around electronics and have owned a scanner since the late ‘80s. I never had any interest in CB and did not know what a HAM was until a HAM explained it to me.

I spent many summers at my grandmother’s and would always run across various tubes, capacitors, resistors, and other various components. I always enjoyed playing with them but did not have any real idea what they were, other than their names. My grandfather had passed before my arrival and I later learned that he was a EE and often worked on radios and televisions, though no one can verify if he was ever a HAM.

ARISS logo 2020 153x300Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) has received schedule confirmation for an ARISS radio contact with astronauts.

This will be a direct contact via amateur radio between students at the Tecumseh High School, Tecumseh, OK, and astronaut Shannon Walker, amateur radio call sign KD5DXB. Both onsite and remote access will be provided to the student body at the time of the contact per Covid-19 guidelines. Amateur radio operators, using the Tecumseh High School Amateur Radio Club call sign K5THS, will operate the ham radio ground station for this contact. Students will take turns asking Walker their questions. The downlink frequency for this contact is 145.800 MHz.

The ARISS radio contact is scheduled for December 4th at 12:33 pm CST (Tecumseh), (18:33 UTC, 1:33 pm EST, 11:33 am MST and 10:33 am PST).

The public is invited to watch the live stream at;

Download the full press release here; ARISS News Release No. 20-24 - Tecumseh OK


N5DUX QRPI am an ARRL ETP instructor for the ARRL Teachers' Institute and a Curriculum Development Specialist with the CYBER.ORG based in Bossier City, LA; an education non-profit funded by a federal grant that trains teachers in cybersecurity, computer science, and related topics. I became an ARRL Life Member in 2014. I have also been serving as ARRL Education Assistant Section Manager for South Texas (STX) since Spring 2017. Prior to that, I was Education ASM for North Texas (NTX) from 2013-2017.

Even if you're not in my ARRL Section and you're looking for ways to get amateur radio into a classroom, I'm always happy to help!

Mr. Mike McCue W5ATN has accepted the position of Emergency Coordinator (EC) for Milam County in District 7 of the South Texas Section. This appointment was recommended by Section Manager (SM) Mr. Stuart Wolfe. Mike replaces Stuart, now the STX SM, who had served as EC since May 10, 2017.