Winlink LogoSCS, the company that created Pactor, has released software for Linux to allow over-the-air monitoring of Pactor 1/2/3 transmissions for meaning. Besides monitoring Pactor 1/2/3, PMON automatically decompresses B2F/LZHUF compressed messages on the fly. This is very useful for monitoring Winlink email transfers. The program requires only minimal hardware: an inexpensive Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ (minimum) computer and an inexpensive USB sound device. An SCS Pactor modem is not needed.

The program is a free download for radio amateurs from a Linux repository provided by SCS. Easy-to-follow instructions, program information and documentation are provided on this SCS web page:

Thank you to John Huggins and Gordon Gibby, MD for their original decoding programs, and to Hans-Peter Helfert and the SCS team for this needed contribution to the amateur radio community!

--The Winlink Development Team