ARES is the Amateur Radio Emergency Service organized by the ARRL. ARES members are licensed amateur radio operators that volunteer their time and equipment to help when normal communications fail or become inadequate. Any amateur radio operator can participate in ARES and ARRL membership is not required. ARES is organized at the county level and each county with an active ARES organization has an appointed Emergency Coordinator. Contact information for our Emergency Coordinators can be found on this website. If you don't see a listing for your county, contact your District Emergency Coordinator. You can find your district on the District Info page and find the contact information on the Senior Leadership page.

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Andrew Bounds appointed EC for D14 Harris-NW Unit

Andrew Bounds named EC for ARRL STX D14 Harris-NW Unit. Andrew replaces Sid Sherwood N5ZKD who will continue as an AEC and the amateur radio coordinator for 10 public service events in and around Harris County. Appointment effective November 7, 2016

Mark Mireles appointed STX ARES HF Net Manager

Mark Mireles AD5CA appointed ARRL STX HF net manager. Mark replaces Ernest Reich W5FQA who will concentrate on his MARS duty for Bandera County. Ernest is also the STX District 6 Emergency Coordinator. Appointment effective October 31, 2016. Mark also serves as the STX District 4 Emergency Coordinator.

Walt Sepaniac appointed EC for D14 Harris SW Unit

Walt Sepaniac N5TQ named EC for ARRL STX D14 Harris-SW Unit. Walt replaces Kerry Mallory AE5JY who will take on management of the public service events calendar for Harris County ARES. Appointment effective October 17, 2016