ares logoMr. Joe Craft, KI5IQE has accepted the position of District Emergency Coordinator (DEC) for District 6 of the South Texas Section. Joe was recommended by longtime Bandera County Emergency Coordinator (EC) Mr. Edward Ringgold, N5LVQ, and approved by STX Section Manager (SM) Mr. Stuart Wolfe KF5NIX. We thank the former DEC 6 Mr. Ernest Reich W5FQA for his many years of service as DEC and Texas ARES Net Manager. District 6 is composed of Bandera, Edwards, Kerr, Kinney, Medina, Real, Uvalde, and Val Verde counties.

Joe tells of his early intro to radio: “My first introduction to SW {shortwave} radio was at a young age. My father built a HealthKit radio and case. I can still see my little brother and me sitting by the window with the radio and a piece of wire as an antenna dangling out the second-story window. We had no idea what the languages were but interesting nonetheless. Later we had CB radios in our cars. This was the first radio conversation I had.”

Joe met his wife in Houston at a Bowling alley during league night and 42 years later she still bowls better than he does. They have one son, daughter-in-law, and grandson living in San Antonio. Our grandson is 6 and like all small kids, loves those Nintendo's.”

“I am retired now from Ecolab where I spent 32 years. I was the Senior Water Solutions Manager where I initially handled Boiler and Cooling water treatment and wastewater treatment.

After several years I took over the southern area responsibilities for our corporate water filtration and water softening. My largest customer was a very large burger chain with an Orange and White roof.”

“I took my technician test a few Februaries ago just before the major lockdown. I passed, then we got a break that May the same year and I passed my general that I retain to date.”

“I am currently the President of the Hill Country Amateur Radio Club in Kerrville, Texas.”

“The HCARC has a team (KARFA) affiliated with the Kerr County VFD and city fire stations to aid in communication assistance as needed by the county. The looming Eclipses will be a major event for KARFA to man these fire stations in case there is a Comm's breakdown during the solar event. I also belong to the Medina County Amateur Radio Corp that meets in Castroville, Texas.”

“I continue to participate in various ham radio from Club events to Field Days and Scout Jamborees. I support the Hams in our area that need help repairing their stations so they can get back on the air. If I can't help, I try to find a Ham near them to assist. I love antenna testing and building antennas.”

Being involved with a Club is a great way to learn more about the hobby and help those coming into the hobby. ARES is a great program to be associated with, it provides help in many ways from a small county to the whole country.

This appointment is effective April 18, 2023.


Jeffery A Walter – KE5FGA