Welcome to the new ARRLSTX site

ARRL Centennial Logo small This year is the ARRL's Centential year.  In celebration of 100 years of supporting Amateur Radio activities the league will be hosting several celebrations across the country throughout the year.

In Texas there will be a combined West Gulf Divsion /Delta Division  celebration at the Hamcom hamfest in Plano in June.

In July will be the main event to be held at the Hartford Convention Center in Hartford CT from July 17-19th.

In addition there are Two seperate contests that are going on through the year -

1. One is the W100AW contest. In addition to W1AW working several events from CT (points achieved for contacting them), each state will have two opportunities to work as W100AW/portable through the year. Points are achieved for contacting as many stations as you can.

2. The second is the Centential Challenge. In this one you contact as many members as you can and you receive points ranging from 1 each to 300 each depending on the persons ARRL role. As SM, for example, I am worth 75 points.

Entries must be entered into the Logbook of the World. Additional details are found on the ARRL.ORG website.

Good Luck!   Lee, W5LHC  SM STX